The Ground of Dharma 

You’ve got dharma in your bones.
You’ve got dharma in every cell of your body.

Dharma, the very nature of our existence, offers what is needed to heal trauma. While our hearts can break, our psyches can fracture, and our souls can flee in horror — the underlying wholeness we live within — it cannot be destroyed. It cannot be torn apart. And so our work lies in reclaiming our true nature, in redirecting our energy so as to see, engage, and reclaim that which cannot be destroyed.

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“I accept the horror and difficulty of this experience.” The words rise up from my core releasing a great burst of energy that rushes through my lungs and into my belly, inflating me like a balloon. The hollow emptiness I felt only moments ago is now replaced by a gentle sense of fullness and relaxation. My heart beats thick life-filled drums of interconnection. I am here, in this body, in these same circumstances, no different than only seconds ago, and yet my deepest attitude towards what is happening has shifted, and with that comes a complete shift of my perception of myself and the world. It’s a bit magical and intoxicating.

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Fragmentation & Wholeness

An army of skeletons convene within my mind
Prepare to wage war against my sanity
Weapons withdraw upon sight of the figure
Retreat with pity
For this lone fragile figure

Trauma is one of the most detrimental effects of a world overcome by extreme poverty, oppression, violence, and objectification of body and earth. These false ways of being have the potential to break down the mind, body, and soul leaving only fragments of understanding. Those suffering from trauma can become locked in states of survival that both robs them of the ability to move forward and further seeds patterns of violence, addiction, and mental unrest.

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Guided Practice

Lives that are guided by truth, wisdom, compassion, and authentic self-expression; lives that are guided from within — these are essential human rights.

Movement and meditation bring us into our bodies, into the present moment, and into direct contact with the felt sensations of our inner worlds. It is here that we gain the capacity to meet our inner experiences, whatever they may be, and engage them in ways that allow us to cultivate the unifying powers of wisdom, kindness, and compassion.

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