Rachel Moriah Fiala

Hello. I am a writer, bodyworker, trauma survivor, and spiritual & healing mentor. My work comes from the often dark belly of my life experience and an abiding faith in our ability to heal and transform. I’ve spent great portions of my life mute, disconnected, and unsure of who I am. I’ve also spent over fifteen years investigating life through body-centered healing, Buddhist dharma and meditation, depth psychology, and creative expression. My path has become an endeavor to reclaim truth, healing and wholeness through the direct experience of body, mind and soul. I’ve come to learn that our very being is seeking to bring us into a state of wholeness and even our most daunting experiences can lead us home.

My classes and workshops focus on helping individuals and communities investigate and process their living experience in ways that are insightful, liberating, and transformative while also cultivating fierce wisdom and compassion. My approach is holistic and instinctual; grounded in essential spiritual truths and a feminine receptivity that seeks to honor and trust each individual expression of life.

I trust our inherent connection to wisdom and compassion and our capacity to see into the nature of life and truly think for ourselves. I trust the truth of the moment - the doorway to healing and wholeness that opens when we relinquish control and allow ourselves to relax into whatever is happening right now. This orientation naturally necessitates a shift from the ego-driven patriarchal consciousness of control and domination to a primordial feminine consciousness of fearless receptivity.

The Backstory…

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life working through a form of religious abuse that left me silenced, afraid, and easily overwhelmed. While I could take courageous steps to move forward, I was continually sabotaged by unconscious fears and beliefs that would ensnare me in isolation and extreme self-reliance. Alongside the process of transforming this difficult pattern I’ve cultivated a perception of life that is rooted in body-centered healing, Buddhist dharma & meditation, depth psychology, and the conscious feminine.

My perception is also profoundly influenced by my father’s suicide. Although I was already working with vulnerable communities and teaching dharma & meditation, my sense of self was destroyed when he died shortly after my 32nd birthday. His death and my resulting inner crisis provided me with a richer understanding of the more frightening and destructive aspects of the human psyche, the psyche’s inherent impulse towards wholeness, and the vital role of creative expression.

I am a trained massage therapist, hold a Bachelor of Arts in Trauma, Healing & Spirituality, and have extensive experience providing spiritual and healing care to those living through addiction recovery, homelessness, incarceration and war trauma. My background includes two humanitarian trips to Vietnam - first accompanying veterans on a healing and reconciliation journey and then caring for orphans and special needs children throughout the country. Most recently, I worked with The If Project to develop and teach an expressive writing program for incarcerated women.

I also offered dharma & meditation instruction under the guidance of Rodney Smith of Seattle Insight Meditation Society and as a founder of Seattle Dharma Punx while training with Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society.